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Filthy McNasty


Surely the naffest name for any band Filthy McNasty, chosen presumably to ensure they wouldn't be mistaken for some soft rock outfit, it was changed to Night shortly after this gig at The Golden Lion in Fulham. The same venue where the group are photographed for the cover of their eponymous album I believe, and several other publicity shots.

Formed by Ex Manfred Mann guitarist Chris Thompson, they featured Stevie Lange on vocals, and Billy Kristian slap-hammering away, often  on fretless bass, together with a host of pedigree r'n'b names - for whom I'll dig out name checks at some point. My favourite number featuring both Stevie and Chris' voices was a cover of CSNY's "Love the One You're With" (Some of their best live stuff features on "A Week at the Bridge" along with a handful of other acts recorded at the Bridge House by Canning Town Flyover. By the time they recorded the Night album, the arrangements were so much more laid-back, but classy with it.)

I'm sure I kept hearing Stevie's unmistakable vocals as a session artist on assorted TV ads during the 80's and 90's, whatever, she has a presence as a voice trainer and has since coached Robbie Williams amongst many other vocal production and backing credits. Somewhere between Janis Joplin, Tina Turner and Elkie Brooks only so much smoother live. (She was nee Stevie van Kerken, before she married Robert John "Mutt" Lange, and has an album of her own under the name Stevie Vann.)

Below : Whatever happened to Billy Kristian (not playing fretless bass !)

Below : Stevie Lange

Below : Chris Thomson

Below : Chris & Stevie

Below : Stevie & Chris

Below : Chris & Stevie (again)