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GP & Brinsley Schwarz


These photos of Graham Parker and Brinsley Schwarz playing with The Rumour were taken at Richard Branson's Venue in Victoria, London (November 1978) : Two Branson anecdotes ...

This was the opening night of Branson's newest Virgin venture, and it was not without teething troubles for the club-style table service. My flat-mate Des wrote a letter of complaint on our behalf, and got a personal letter of apology in reply from Richard.

As Richard's entrepreneurial career moved Virgin in ever broader service industries in the subsequent decades, my wife Sylvia and I developed a game we played with a single knowing nod, whenever we came across a member of staff (didn't matter what business) that gave good service, with eye contact and concern for us as customers, we would mouth to each other "If I was Richard Branson ... (I'd employ that person)."


Anyway, back to The Rumour; only their gig at the Roundhouse, (with Blondie and Devo), the same day as the Anti-Nazi League Rally from Trafalgar Square to Hackney (with The Clash and Tom Robinson) was a better event.

Below : GP4 - Passion is no ordinary word ?

Below : GP1 & GP2 Don't get excited.

Below : Brinsley1 & Brinsley3 - Man in a white suit.

Below : Brinsley2 - Love the reverse silhouette in the sharp lighting.
(Sorry about the naff photo-edit of the extraneous highlights - I may try again with newer tools.)


Below : GP3 & GP5 - Hey lord, don't ask me questions.