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Jackie Lynton


Jackie Lynton's Happy Days was another of those bands I saw regularly in my London pub rock years - all over the place during 1977 to 1979, plus a couple of odd gigs in the early 80's in Dalston and Harrow. A great rock and roller with a pedigree that pre-dates his Savoy Brown fame and Status Quo connections. He has his own current web-site which contains a full history at The Official Jackie Lynton Website and Roger Cooper seems to keep an up to date gig list and gig reports - yes he's still gigging - I last saw him in 2002 and still going in 2006 !

During the period I saw them, most often at the Golden Lion in Fulham (including the memorable 1978/79 New Year's Eve fancy dress do around six weeks after the gig recorded there for their "Till We're Blue in the Face" live album), the band consisted of Jack on vocals and harmonica, Graham (Cupcake) Cooper on Guitar, Kirk Riddle on Bass, Greg Terry-Short on Drums and Tony Leach on keyboards.


For a brief period, not covered in the photo gallery, they had the excellent Grahame White on Guitar, (in fact he may have replaced Cupcake completely towards the end of the period I was seeing them ?), anyway the same guy who stood in for Bill Puplett in Scarecrow, when he was off doing a session job in France.

Appears Jackie now still has Greg Terry-Short and Grahame White, but the line-up now includes also on guitar Chris Bryant, and on bass Colin Pattenden ex Manfred and erstwhile colleague of Chris Thompson. What a small world of synchronicity. Apparently Colin and Grahame are cousins too. Greg runs the web-site and recording productions.

Below : Jackie in full flow at the Golden Lion earlier in '78 with Cupcake on guitar. (Note at this gig its also a different Greg on drums, and some geezer on sax and flute)

Below : Graham (Cupcake) Cooper

Below : Jackie in crooning mode. A hat for all reasons.